Top 5 Nepali Fonts with download links and steps to install on your computer

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We always choose an easy way to our solution. Most of us use the google input tool for Nepali typing which works perfectly in most scenarios. In fact, in government offices, we are compelled to use pure Nepali fonts.
In this blog, we discuss the top five Nepali fonts we use in our daily life, their download links, and the way we can install them in our System (Computer).

  1. Preeti:
    Preeti is the first and one of the most usable Nepali Font.

Click here to download the Preeti font.

2. Sagarmatha

3. Mangal

4. Kantipur

5. Kanchan
Click here to download Kanchan Font

Steps to install fonts on computer
–> goto control panel
–> goto Fonts folder
–> place downloaded font inside Fonts folder

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