How to fetch gold/sliver price in Nepal

In this post I will go through PHP code to fetch gold/silver price data from any site content without any API. Here I am using PHP core functions to get content from site and manipulate string content to get required value because content may contains unnecessary html strings.

Gold/Silver price always changes and it’s been part of daily uses data. If you want to show current price of gold/silver in your website or app , you can use this code.

$url = '';
$content = file_get_contents($url);
$d1 = explode('<ul class="gold-silver" style="margin: 0">', $content);
$d2 = explode("</ul>", $d1[1]);
$d3 = $d2[0];
$d4 = explode('<li', $d3);
$arrName = array();
$arrPrice = array();
$pushName = true;
foreach ($d4 as $key => $value) {
    if ($key == 0) {
    $final = $this->getStringBetween($value, ">", "<");
    if ($pushName) {
        array_push($arrName, $final);
        $pushName = false;
    } else {
        array_push($arrPrice, trim($final));
        $pushName = true;
$finalArray = array();
foreach ($arrName as $key => $value) {
    $tempArray["name"] = $value;
    $tempArray["price"] = $arrPrice[$key];
    array_push($finalArray, $tempArray);
$finalJson = json_encode($finalArray);
echo $finalJson;

function getStringBetween($str, $start, $end) {
    $subtring_start = strpos($str, $start);
    $subtring_start += strlen($start);
    $size = strpos($str, $end, $subtring_start) - $subtring_start;
    return substr($str, $subtring_start, $size);

NB: it may give error if any changes in the content of site.